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Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders: Reviews

Fellow Craftsmen...

"Pat Todd is a true American Original. His voice is capable of delivering the most heartfelt melodies and yet retain the toughness of his spirit. Raw, real and passionate - that's what I think of when I hear the name, Pat Todd. The Rankoutsiders project continues his tradition of delivering the goods to the people who need 'em! And boy do we need Mr. Todd and his Rankoutsiders, now more than ever."
“Pat Todd is the most sincere Rock ‘n’ Roll singer/songwriter on the planet. He makes the rest of us look like a bunch of fakers.”
"Payin' dues gives you more than the blues. It also gives you timeless Rock and Roll. Pat Todd has been busting his ass for years, living his life to make music and the school of hard knocks has graduated him magnum cum laud with a thesis of love found, love lost, sins lived and a life redeemed. Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders' The Outskirts of Your Heart is the Carmina Burana of the 21st century."