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Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders: Links

Rankoutsider Records Artists

Scott "Deluxe" Drake!
Check out former Humpers ringleader, Scott "Deluxe" Drake's myspace page. Listen to tracks from his newest release on Rankoutsider Records, "Grand Mal".
Geez, while you're at it, just order it here:

album coverSCOTT "DELUXE" DRAKE: Grand Mal

American street rock and roll

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Stace England
Another Rankoutsider Records recording artist...

album coverSTACE ENGLAND: Greetings From Cairo, Illinois

Concept/historical album on the fascinating history of Cairo, Illinois.

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The Condors
Their album comes out 7/11/07 on Rankoutsider Records! We will put up a link to buy it shortly...
album coverHUTCH: Turn It Around

HUTCH's power-chord-heavy guitar style owes a heavy debt to THE WHO's PETE TOWNSHEND. His aspirations are apparent in his list of major influences: THE BEATLES, ROLLING STONES, KINKS and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL.- BILLBOARD

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album coverHUTCH: Just Another Folkin' Son Of A HUTCH

"Pure Folk-Pop, raw, unpolished and unpretentious. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paul Westerberg, Karl Wallinger, and Donovan come to mind, but Joe Hutchinson may have the songwriting goods to stand up to his influences."

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Gravy Boat
Mmm, gravy...
The Holy Smokes
The Holy Smokes are a four piece band from Las Vegas. They play gutsy, stripped down rock and roll... the kind that seems hard to come by these days. Combining elements of psychobilly, garage, blues, country and punk, The Holy Smokes serve up a unique brand of roots rock. On stage, The Holy Smokes deliver their songs with an unmatched conviction, sweating out every note like it was their last. As one of the only bands from Las Vegas that has played with straight up blues bands and punk bands alike, The Holy Smokes bridge the gap between the music genres and invite all ears to the party.

Brian McCarty
Brian played in thee Trash Brats for 15 years...currently a member of old time string band, the Salt Miners, rocknroll band, Snake Oil Slick, and recently released the solo album "Love Forget Me Not" on Rankoutsider Records.

album coverBRIAN MCCARTY: Love Forget Me Not

Rock and roll with a little country.

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